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Aerial Filming Services

Aerial Cinematography is our passion and being able to take our cameras to the sky allows us to achieve some truly amazing shots.

We use a number of UAV’s (Drones) all equipped with the ability to shoot Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4K resolution footage with state of the art gimbals for stability.

Our flight controllers utilise the latest technology, which, combined with our pilots aerial cinematography expertise and camera operators skills, ensures that we capture some amazing footage.


We are experienced in shooting in locations all over the world as well as from our base in Cornwall, UK.

Specialising in over water flying, our services have been requested by clients across the globe, from the marketing of yachts in the South of France to the promotion of five star island resorts in the Maldives.

After years of training and developing our flying skills, we still continue to evolve our skill set, develop our knowledge and expand our client base.

Not only are we passionate when it comes to aerial filming, but we can also offer a full production and post-production service through our partner media company PTCreative, making the whole production process seamless and cost effective.

Over Water Filming

Highly experienced and skilled in operating over and around water, we capture amazing shots which would other wise be impossible to achieve without expensive rigging and set up.

Team Work

We often work closely with our clients or as part of the on-set production team.
When we arrive on set we will carry out an on-site safety survey and brief all members of the cast and crew in regards to all matters of the safe operation of our UAV’s.

We will work closely with the director of photography (DOP) or director for the technical requirements of the shot.
Once everyone is happy to proceed the flight can commence.
The (DOP) or director will have access to a dedicated monitor and can communicate with the camera operator at all times.

We also carry two way radios to communicate with cast and crew on shoots.

Close Proximity Flying

Capturing unbeatable low flying shots without the use of expensive vehicles and rigging.


We have provided aerial filming for the following creative applications:

  • Resort Marketing

  • Travel and Tourism

  • Boats and Yachts

  • Promotional Videos

  • Action and Extreme Sports

  • Automotive Marketing

  • Event Coverage

  • Documentaries

  • Agriculture

  • Construction

  • Surveys

  • Filming Over Water

Vertical Shots

Fast and Smooth vertical crane shots up to 400 Feet high.

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