Drone Hire Services:
Filming | Photography | Post Production | Surveying | Inspections

At Hexii Aerial Imaging we aim to provide the most professional drone hire services possible.
For detailed information about the different services we offer please visit the following sections of the website.

Filming is our passion and being able to take our cameras to the sky allows us to achieve some truly amazing shots.

We can capture stunning high-resolution images from up to 400ft high with our UAV’s (Drones).

If you would like your aerial shots to be edited and or colour graded we have all the facilities in place.

Aerial surveying by Hexii Aerial Imaging’s UAV (Drone) is cost effective and can produce some amazing results.

Professional Pilot

With extensive Drone flying experience you can be confident that we have the skills to get the shots.

Expert Camera Operator

With over 15 years experience in camera operating alone, our camera payload operator always gets the shot.

Experienced Film Makers

Our partner company PTCreative can deliver the final footage in any edited format you require.

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