Hexii Aerial Imaging

Aerial Surveying and Inspections

Aerial Surveying and Inspections by Hexii Aerial Imaging’s UAV (Drone) is a cost effective solution and can produce some amazing results.

Experienced in the surveying of industrial applications such as wind farms and turbine construction.

We can provide live view HD video, photography and recorded video feedback to our clients on all our Aerial Surveying and Inspections.

A Safer Way To Carry Out Aerial Surveying and Inspections

Our live video feed enables you to get a birds eye view, safely from ground level.


We are experienced in a range of aerial inspections including:

Hexii Aerial Imaging’s Aerial Surveying and Inspections are two to four times faster than traditional inspection techniques, providing a cost effective solution.
Safety is improved by reducing the risk of working at height and we can access buildings and properties that have difficult or restrictive access.

Survey and Inspection By Drone, Benefits Include:

  • Eliminate damage to crops

  • Reduce risk of property damage

  • Eliminate risk of working at heights

  • No need for access equipment

  • Minimises site visits

  • Minimal interference

  • Cost Effective

  • Kind to the environment

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